Domain Name Registration

The Jones Mansion - click to viewYour website should have it's own address, this is your "domain name." Just like the address of this website, This is also what you may have heard referred to as the "URL."

GetSirius can take care of registering your domain name for you. This way you never need to worry about your name expiring because you missed a notice or forgot to renew your domain name. The cost for this service is $25 per year.

Owners of domain names often get "offers" both in the mail and via e-mail that try to trick you into thinking your domain name is about to expire when they are only trying to take your money. By allowing GetSirius to register your name for you, you never need to wonder about the offers. Should you at some time decide to take your business elsewhere, GetSirius will never hold your name from you as long as your account is paid up to date.